Handmade Tools for the Discriminating Woodworker

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At Galoot-Tools™ our goal is to provide innovative woodworking tools of unmatched quality to the advanced woodworker. We believe that highest quality tools can only be crafted through the hands of a master craftsman. We combine traditional manufacturing techniques with modern design concepts. The results are woodworking tools of unmatched performance and beauty.


To conclude then, the Chinese laminated blade turns in a performance (honing and durability) that is at the very least the equal of a LN [Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc.] blade.
Derek Cohen
Perth, Australia

The Performance Series plane blade is precisely produced with a flat back, it is easy to sharpen and, by the way, it looks remarkably good. I tested its edge retention on hardwood, compared with a well reputed A2-blade and a vintage laminated Stanley. It outperformed both of them. Since I have this blade, its the one I use in my #5-Stanley.
Friedrich Kollenrott
Extertal, Germany

I had a chance to use one of your irons [...] and must admit that I was initially skeptical about your iron being anything special, but upon putting it to work I was dead wrong. It held it's edge very well, produced excellent results, and you've made a believer out of me. I'd be interested in seeing how it performs at a higher bed angle, mine was a 45 or 47 IIRC, but you're clearly on to something. Best of luck with the endeavor, and I'd be interested in hearing more about the chisels you're working on.
Steve L. Cohan
Binghamton, NY